Automatic Spraying Line Conveyor Chain Assembly System

Automatic Spraying Line Conveyor Chain Assembly System

 Automatic spraying line conveyor chain assembly method

Far more than 28 years’ expertise in powder coating gear, we can provide you with revolutionary, rational and inexpensive solutions.We can support you with sophisticated technologies.
Each and every equipment is produced to meet up with your specific wants.
Offering the very best powder coating line and turn-important options.

one.Heating source method, Combustion unit

Heating sources:All-natural fuel / liquefied gas / diesel / electricity / coal / biological particles and so on, optional
Our burner is fast heating, higher efficiency and be equipped with proportional adjustment, frequency conversion.
The reaction sign of the probe is immediately modified to the amount of hearth, the temperature of the furnace is retained consistent and the temperature difference is controlled within ±3°.
The structure of the air supply is reasonable, the furnace temperature should be uniform and the quality of the merchandise is well stabilized.

two.Pretreatment system

Types:Immersion / spraying optional
CZPTized style based on high quality specifications:Washing, chemical degreasing, chemical rust removing, phosphating, etching, shot blasting.

3.Huge cyclone quick automated colour alter spray booth

Our shade adjust powder supply middle can achieves quickly colour adjust in 10 minutes, huge cyclone powder recovery method, powder recovery price is up to 99.2%, to make sure that there is no powder spillover outside the spray booth.

4.Fast assembly filter recovery spray booth

Our filter recycling powder spray booth is developed with cylinders, convenient for
CZPTers to swiftly disassemble and adjust color, so that it improves function efficiency and will be your excellent decision.

five.Curing heating program

Curing oven program.Divided into bridge sort curing oven and tunnel curing oven.
The tunnel curing oven successfully solves the dilemma of inadequate workshop height,
The tunnel furnace we produce has a wind curtain at the two finishes and the temperature of the furnace won’t dissipate to the out, which will save the fuel.This is our patent.
The curing oven we produce will save gasoline and saves your manufacturing.Curing oven insulation boards are all plug-in boards, seamless docking, heat bridge transfer engineering.

We offer stand-alone equipments for preptreatment programs, powder coating programs, one and multi rapidly color alter techniques, curing techniques, powder recovery systems and conveyorized traces.All the programs are broadly employed on the programs of automotive, house and workplace equipment, machines market, steel fabrications and so on.

At hanna, we do much more than just manufacture equipment and powder coating lines.

Our staff includes coating technique designers, powder and chemistry experts, management program engineers, complex help personnel, set up professionals and knowledgeable trainers.
We produce equipments with hanna and zhanyao manufacturer, and we work straight with oem customers to supply “private label” powder coating gear made to their technical specs.
We have created 1000’s of optimum CZPT strains and techniques for powder coating operations throughout china and around the planet.Hanna’s checklist of happy consumers contains productive little producers, government businesses, and international firms.

With the mixture of quality, benefit and assistance in this market, every equipment is manufactured to meet up with your certain demands.To make positive you get the ideal final results, our manufacturing facility-approved technician staff will aid you operate through the specifics and get the benefits you need.We will design, produce, produce your automated technique and if a lot more companies required, we can support to put in, wonderful-tune and train your operators to get quality results.

Our worth:
1.In no way compromise on style basic safety, integrity, effectiveness, and reliability.
2.Deliver compact layout and never ever offer consumers far more than they require.
3.Give clients assist whenever it is needed.
4.Never end trying to boost our products, answers and services.

Information provided by buyer

  1. Merchandise detail involves:Substance, condition, bodyweight, size(diameter or duration, width, height)
  2. CZPT structure and measurement (length, width, peak)
  3. Manufacturing ability (pcs/8hrs)
  4. Fuel choice:Coal, diesel, bio-particles, l.P.G., n.G, electrical power
  5. Specifications on high quality
  6. Expense funds

Cooperation method

  1. CZPTer offers over data
  2. Layout crew from hanna makes the drawing
  3. Hanna group clarifies the drawing to customer
  4. If consumer validate, hanna delivers the quotationIf consumer not verify, hanna modifies the drawing
  5. When then quotation confirmed, hanna concerns the agreement
  6. When contract be signed, client arranges the deposit
  7. When deposit gained, hanna arranges the generation
  8. When creation completed, buyer or hanna arranges good quality inspection
  9. When inspection passes, buyer arranges harmony and textbooks the shipment
  10. When equilibrium gained, hanna arranges export
  11. When products received, buyer arranges assembling and hanna provides training assist
  12. Anytime method help necessary, hanna will be around with you.

Seven CZPT
Revenue Manager

ZheJiang Hanna Engineering Co., Ltd.

Automatic Spraying Line Conveyor Chain Assembly System

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