Belt Conveyor Spare Parts Roller Idler Pulley Drum Frame

Belt Conveyor Spare Parts Roller Idler Pulley Drum Frame

belt conveyor spare parts roller idler pulley drum body

The pulley can be divided into two categories: Driving pulley (head pulley) and averting pulley (tail pulley),
Driving pulley is the main component for transmitting the electricity and there are two types of pulley sets: Clean area and rubber surface, and rubber floor can be categorized into sleek rubber floor, herringbone rubber surface and diamond rubber surface to satisfy various technical demands. Averting pulley can be categorized into smooth rubber floor and smooth metal floor.

In accordance to the construction design, the two variety pulley can be divided into a few light responsibility, medium obligation and heavy duty.

All the pulley adopt built-in bearing housing which is lubricated and crammed with grease and has two types: Iron casting and metal casting, the shaft is produced of forty five#metal, the shell adopt weld assembly.

Based mostly on the above layout, the pulley is moderately structured, hassle-free sort picked, performance trustworthy, long existence time.

Programs: Used in the metal market, harbor, coal market, energy business, cements sector, and much more.
Technical specs of the CZPT pulley
1. Dia: 159mm-1800mm
2. BW: 450mm-2400mm
three. Straightforward in operation
4. Lengthy service lefe

We can create all sorts of steel Pulley, Bend pulley, spiral drum, Travel pulley, Discharge pulley and many others.


Belt Conveyor Spare Parts Roller Idler Pulley Drum Frame

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