Ce Food Grade PVC PU Belt Conveyor for Process Line

Ce Food Grade PVC PU Belt Conveyor for Process Line

CZPT Medium Responsibility Stainless Steel Gravity Roller CZPT

Product  Description&colon

1&period of time As the typical product in the gravity rolller collection&comma it  is extensively used&comma  specially in the carton conveyring spot&time period e&periodg airport baggage dealing with and logistics distribution heart&time period

two&interval Precesion ball bearing polymer bearing housing &comma end cap form the bearing device which is really essential &period of time It is not only for excellent looding but also more more the clean and silent working&time period

three&time period The finish cap of roller resist dust and h2o splash well in procedure setting&time period

four&time period The design of pwlymer bearing housing can make it ready to function in some particular atmosphere&period of time

five&period The lubrication technique of bearing could be oil lubricating or grease lubricating as prerequisite

six&time period Suitable  for the substantial speed conveying&interval Speed could fluctuate according to diameter and duration of roller&comma  Max&periodspeed up to 120m&solmin&time period

seven&time period Semi-precision bearing for alternative&comma smooth managing&comma be employed for gravity roller conveyor in low velocity&lpar<30m&solmin&rpar

eight&time period Temperatue assortment&colon to &plus40ºC

Remark&coloncan be CZPT



Ce Food Grade PVC PU Belt Conveyor for Process Line

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