Coal Fired Small Flake Type Chain Grate for Industrial Boilers

Coal Fired Small Flake Type Chain Grate for Industrial Boilers

Merchandise Description:

Flaked Chain variety grate stoker: the coal seam is in speak to with the entire grate surface, and the chain is not right heated, the procedure is safe and reputable, the grate hole is extremely modest, the coal leakage is little, the grate piece is thin and the cooling issue is very good, and the furnace can be changed CZPT halting the furnace, since the chain is a adaptable framework, when When the tooth condition of the sprocket on the generate shaft is a bit staggered, the tightness can be adjusted by by itself to hold the meshing very good.
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CZPT Parameter:

capability T/H powerful area m2 Powerful width mm Output shaft to
heart of grate mm
Output Shaft diameter mm Nos of air chamber
ten t/h 12.fifty four 2450 1630 one hundred five
fifteen t/h 17.39 3190 2120 one hundred thirty six
twenty t/h twenty.7 3560 2205 130 six
30 t/h 27.fifty four 3930 2570 130 seven
forty t/h 35.38 4670 2770 one hundred thirty seven
60 t/h 56.15 6150 3950 180 8
75 t/h sixty eight.51 8570 4935 two hundred 8
100 t/h 95.two 10260 5585 200 Massive
160 t/h 16100 8550 220 Massive
220 t/h 212.6 18720 9860 250 Big

Characteristics Advantages:

Grate Iron Materials Kinds: HT150, HT200, HTCr2, RTSi5, RQTSI5,Cr16, HiSiCr, ZG40CR24 and many others. Heating resistant from 550-1200ºC
Obtainable Fuels: Coal-fired(Anthracite, Brown coal, Peat), Biomass(Rice husk, Corncobs, Bagasse, Coconut shell, Palm shell,
                                        Palm fiber, Biomass briquettes), Solid Waste(Household, Municipal, Health-related, CZPT all squander).

Utilize To: Steam boiler, Very hot drinking water boiler, Hot air furnace, Drying gear, Heating firm, Squander incinerator.

Packing & Supply:

Primary goods:

Functioning procedure:

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Coal Fired Small Flake Type Chain Grate for Industrial Boilers

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