New Condition Horizontal Chain Grate Coal Wood Fired Steam Boiler

New Condition Horizontal Chain Grate Coal Wood Fired Steam Boiler

Performance attribute:
1.The boiler kind is packaged fireplace and drinking water tube boiler with natural circulation.
2.Advanced design and style efficiency:The boiler ‘s main heating floor adopts seamless steel tube of the 20# low-medium pressure. The boiler drum is manufactured of special metal plate.
three. The furnace arch is manufactured of refractory concrete. The again-arch is reduced and extended in order to melt away adequately. The two wings of flue and aspect wall brick use the refractory content of vitrified brick. Front wall and back wall of boiler adopts the standard refractory brick.
four. Alongside with the wind is sensible for the grate, combustion chamber is even bigger, coal applicability.Adapt to all types of bituminous coal and anthracite, blended coal. Burn up entirely. The large temperature flue fuel enter into sedimentation chamber, then pass the flue and front smoke-box by way of the two sides, hence the impact to get rid of smoke and dust is great.
five. Easy water circulation, the construction of pressure elements is sensible to make certain that drinking water quality scenario can be entirely secure operation.
six.Horizontal chain coal-fired steam boiler combustion products for quickly loading grate, combustion tools in the manufacturing unit put in, can be put in right in the ground transportation to the website.
In comparison with the other domestic ability merchandise ,we have the positive aspects of reasonable and compact framework and reduced metal intake.

Scope of application:
Horizontal computerized coal fired steam boiler main objective is to offer large quality steam and motive electricity for industrial manufacturing, these kinds of as textile, papermaking, rubber, meals, hospital and other industries.

CZPT parameters:

creation approach:




New Condition Horizontal Chain Grate Coal Wood Fired Steam Boiler

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