SGS Quality Superfloc Polyacrylamide PAM for Water Treatment

SGS Quality Superfloc Polyacrylamide PAM for Water Treatment

Anionic PAM is used for h2o treatment&comma mining and paper mills&interval

Anionic polyacrylamide &lparAPAM&rpar is a water soluble polymer&time period Because the polar teams on the molecular chain containing a specific volume&comma it can via the adsorption of sound particles suspended in h2o&comma bridging between particles or via the demand and make the particle development of huge flocs condensation&period So&comma it can speed up the settlement of particles in suspension&comma have clear to speed up the answer to make clear&comma advertise filtering and other effects&period Primarily employed for a variety of industrial wastewater flocculation sedimentation&comma sedimentation and clarification remedy&comma this sort of as iron and steel plant wastewater&comma electroplating wastewater&comma wastewater metallurgy&comma coal washing wastewater treatment&comma sludge dewatering&period of time Can also be utilized to explain and drinking water purification treatment&period


Requirements&colon Index&colon
Visual appeal&colon Off-White Granular Powder
Ionic Cost&colon Anionic
Particle Size&colon 20-100 mesh
Molecular Fat&colon Medium-High
Anionic Degree&colon Medium
Reliable Content material&colon 89&percnt Minimum
Bulk Density&colon About &period8
Certain Gravity at 25°C&colon one&period01-1&period1
CZPTmmended Doing work Concentration&colon &period1-&period5&percnt
PH Benefit&colon 4-nine
Storage Temperature &lpar°C&rpar&colon – 35

Anionic polyacrylamide product characteristics
one&period Good water solubility&comma can be totally dissolved in water&period
2&period of time Insert a small quantity of the anionic polyacrylamide items&comma can be greatly the flocculation impact&time period The standard want to add &period01~10ppm &lpar0&period01~10g&solm3&rpar&comma can give full enjoy to the role of&interval
three&period At the identical time&comma the use of anionic polyacrylamide items and inorganic flocculant &lparferric sulfate&comma polyaluminum chloride&comma iron and many others&period &rpar&comma but showed a increased impact&period of time

Anionic polyacrylamide function
one&interval Clarification and purification influence&semi
two&interval To market the function of settlement&semi
3&period of time Filtering effect&semi
four&period of time The thickening result and other consequences&period of time In wastewater therapy&comma sludge focus and dewatering&comma mineral processing&comma coal washing&comma papermaking etc&period&comma can fully meet the needs of different fields&interval

The using approach of anionic polyacrylamide
one&period When in use&comma with &period1&percnt focus in the aqueous resolution&comma to use neuter excluding salts sundry h2o is suitable&interval
two&time period Dissolved&comma the anionic polyacrylamide item evenly into the mixing water&comma stirring velocity management in 100~300rpm&period of time Acceptable heating &lpar< 60 ° C&rpar&comma can accelerate the dissolution of&period
3&period of time Change the solution pH&comma the anionic polyacrylamide merchandise&comma give total play to the part of &lparthrough the take a look at to decide on the best pH benefit and the collection of products are employed&time period &rpar
4&time period Incorporating anionic polyacrylamide solution solution&comma need to be blended with acceleration and disposing liquid&comma show up floc&comma sluggish stirring pace&comma progress and accelerated subsidence Eli floc&period of time

one&period of time The operator ought to put on protecting products&comma soon after make contact with with pores and skin&comma wash with h2o&period
2&interval The use of the internet site&comma typically in water to rinse&comma avert slippery fall damage&interval
3&interval Anionic polyacrylamide items need to be sealed storage in a awesome dry area

25kg&solplastic increased paper luggage with internal plastic bag&comma 25kg&solPE baggage

SGS Quality Superfloc Polyacrylamide PAM for Water Treatment

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