Totally Enclosed Horizontal En-Masse Mining Scraper Conveyor

Totally Enclosed Horizontal En-Masse Mining Scraper Conveyor

Absolutely Enclosed Horizontal En-Masse CZPT Technique Scraper CZPT

Horizontal scraper chain conveyor is bulk material conveying equipment, which is composed of head section with driving device, hook up segment, tail part, tension device, as well as scraper and chains.By implies of relocating chains, it can continuously transport the components in shut rectangular casing horizontally or at a slight incline. 
MS buried scraper conveyor is widely utilized in cement plant, coal, metallurgy, mining, light, construction, chemical, grain, power industries and so forth.

 CZPT Parameters

Model Trough Width Transportation Speed Material Bulk Density Capacity Conveying Length Set up Angle
(mm) (m/s) (t/m3) (m3/h) (m) (degree)
MS16 160 —.16 m/s —.twenty m/s —.25 m/s —.32 m/s .two~one.8 t/m3 fifteen~29 < 80m 0°~30°
MS20 two hundred 23~46
MS25 250 36~seventy two
MS32 320 fifty nine~118
MS40 four hundred eighty three~166
MS50 500 115~230

Doing work basic principle
When scraper chain conveyor transports horizontally, the strain which arrives from chains in conveying course to the materials, and the action which arrives from the resources by themselves cause internal friction. This friction ensures the stable predicament among substance layers, and it can defeat external frictional resistance which brought on by relocating supplies in the trough and make resources transport as a total fluid.


Totally enclosed structure, light-weight excess weight, tiny volume
Hassle-free installation and servicing
Horizontal or a bit inclined transport from 0° to 30°
A number of content feeding position and discharging level
Conveying length is up to 80m with content temperature decrease than 120ºC
Extensively utilized in cement plant, coal, metallurgy, mining, light-weight, building, chemical, grain, electrical power industries and so on.

Positive aspects

Completely enclosed composition, mild weight, small quantity
Convenient installation and upkeep
Horizontal or slightly inclined transport from to 30
Numerous material feeding position and discharging position
Conveying length is up to 80m with substance temperature decrease than 120C

MS buried scraper conveyor is widely used in cement plant, coal, metallurgy, mining, light, construction, chemical, grain, power industries etc.

Choice issue

Content need to have to be processed_____?
Feeding size____mm, bulk density____t/m3, materials temperature_____diploma ?
Processing capability____t/h ?
Conveying duration(distance in between inlet and outlet)_____m?
Inclination angle of conveyor______degree?

Totally Enclosed Horizontal En-Masse Mining Scraper Conveyor

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