Vertical Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine 11 Wheels

Vertical Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine 11 Wheels

11 spindles roller bearing structure Vertical Glass Straight line beveling device— eleven spindles roller bearing framework

Product attribute
This device is utilized for flat glass straight line rough bevel grinding, exact bevel grinding, bevel sprucing and base round edging. The transmission adopts bearing structure, the bearings all adopt tremendous warming bearings. The glass processing friction is tiny and the transmission is far more effortlessly. In this case the processed glass achieves higher precision. The device equips both automated and manual oil offer technique so the device stays in good lubricating situation whilst working to assist the transmission much more stable. Entrance and rear chain pad equips automated cleaning device. It assists the front and rear chain pad to stay clear for for a longer time life time. It is also fantastic for keep the good quality of glass grinding process. CZPT manage method adopts imported electrical parts, making use of PLC for each automatic and manual manage. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-device interface shows parameters such as thickness of the processing glass, glass beveling Angle, beveling width and thickness of remaining base thickness. The processing velocity is managed by frequency stepless gadget.
CZPT parameter   

  1. Amount of spindle: eleven
  2. Speed Range:.six-ten m/min      
  3. Bevel angle:3º-45º
  4. Max.Bevel width:60mm
  5. Min. Processing glass size:20×20 mm               
  6. Glass thickness:three-19 mm  
  7. Overall Electricity:28.4kw  
  8. Tools dimension:8250×1510×2750 mm     
  9. Overall excess weight:7500kg  
  10. Major Components
  11. Machine mattress, body, manual rail: HT250 forged iron, getting older remedy.
  12. Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Rail Panel: 40Cr Nitriding quench dispose. HRC≥55
  13. Entrance & Rear Chain Plate: 40Cr, ply=13, thermal refining HB: 220 – 250
  14. Front & Rear Chain Plate axis: 40Cr, changeover fit with bearing, thermal refining HB: 220-280
  15. Chain belt buckle: ZG45
  16. Input & Output timing belt: No Joints, 2mm thickness PU
  17. Cycloid pinwheel reduction box: Xingguang
  18. Motor: ZheJiang CDQC
  19. Worm gear reduction box: HangCZPTang. CZPT worm gear reduction box
  20. Contactor and thermal rely: Schneider
  21. PLC: DELTA
  22. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-machine interface: Weilun. 7 inch shade screen
  23. Encoder: Omron
  24. Transreducer: TAIAN

Set up and Following revenue service

  1. The seller will send a technician to give set up and machine operation instruction as soon as the equipment arrives in the buyer’s internet site. The normal set up period will take 5 to 7 times.
  2. The buyer ought to be in cost of the technician’s visa price, round flight ticket cost, and food, lodge, transportation and other possible price at buyer’s web site.
  3. CZPT support: The seller offers professional answer for glass deep processiong
  4. Software program support: Totally free update for device working method.
  5. Equipment: Lifelong offer for machine spare components.


  1. Sharpening and grinding effect attain sector normal.
  2. Diagonal line tolerance: ≥5% bevel width.
  3. Straightness tolerance: ± .2mm/m within one meter.
  4. Appendix II: Reference photos for machine primary areas
    Flourish machinery adopts bearing structure, guide rail is produced by quench metal casting,steel casting disposed by means of nitriding quench, HRC≥55,ensures machine’s company,steadiness,precision and lengthy daily life use.

    Flourish device panel adopts polyster resin, configuration ammeter detection region, corresponding motor change, and several info setting button this sort of as angle,thickness in guide. All the functions can ben managed on the panel. The machine also adopts PLC Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-machine interface to set the parameter, and all the doing work information displays on the display screen. Operator can select auto/ guide control. Method language use the two Chinese/English.

  5. Control PANEL

    Flourish device metal plate and transfer roller are all developed by ourselves, excellent substance ensures a stableworking method, eliminate the possibility in the process system. Major transfer portion uses stainless steel to steer clear of the hurt by corrosion.



Vertical Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine 11 Wheels

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