980 High Speed Crochet Knitting Machine for Fancy Yarn

980 High Speed Crochet Knitting Machine for Fancy Yarn

High velocity Fancy Yarn  Crochet knitting  Machine BSC-980)
BSC-980 extravagant yarn crochet equipment is a substantial Pace extravagant crochet Machine. The equipment first knits cloth with warp and weft yarn, then cuts the warp yarn to sort the last yarn. Otherwise it knits warp and weft yarn to straightly package belt yarn. Device is suitable to knit a variety of variety of yarns and lace, each organic fibers(wool, silk, cotton, linen, etc. ) and synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic and so on. ) This total materials can be dyed ahead of or following knitting, in accordance with its mattress. The completed yarn and lace is of flat form. 

Fancy yarn  crochet machine is a high Speed extravagant Yarn crocket Equipment controls the unit by modifying inlay methods to make all king of a variety of pattern yarns and lace. The machine speed is managed by a frequency converter, starting up at gradual speed with stepless adjustments, quickly breaking to reduced pace in accordance to meet the check generation demand from customers. The machine is divided into three major sections. 

CZPT parameter: 
Operational breadth: 762mm(thirty inch)
Needles For each inch: 15, 18, 20G 
Weft Bar: 2_8 bars 
Stitch Density: 5-20S/cm
Hyperlink Chain: 12-50 sections
Major Shaft Speed: Max. 1500r/min
The Girth of Rack Frame: 170cm
Complete Device Power: 11.56kw
No. Of Yarn Bobbin: 260 pieces
Gaugo of Yarn Spindle: 200mm
Primary Equipment(L× W× H): 1750× 1950× 1750mm
Winding Segment(L× W× H): 3000× 2800× 2400mm
Yarn Frame(L× W× H): 2100× 1880× 2750mm.

Assortment yarn CZPT by convert handful of elements on equipment

The complete machine material 3 components of 
one.Primary equipment (LxWxHmm 1950x1750x1750)
2.Reeling   section (LxWxHmm 3000x2790x2400)
three.Yarn frame (LxWxHmm 5000x1150x2745)
All sention outfitted with equivalent timing  inventor 

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980 High Speed Crochet Knitting Machine for Fancy Yarn

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