Multi-Disc Chain Bucket Drag Box Automatic Counting Packaging Machine

Multi-Disc Chain Bucket Drag Box Automatic Counting Packaging Machine

Haofeilong computerized screw packaging device is commonly employed in electrical, lighting, furniture, security, lavatory, obtain management, doorway and window, lock market, GPS navigation, components, electrician, toys, clothing, lighting and components building materials producing sector auxiliary set up screws automated counting package deal. The packaging solution can be solved for customers according to the business .

Primary features of automated screw packing machine
one. CZPTed PLC total pc handle program, raster counting, gentleman-machine interface, easy to work and intuitive
2, servo film system, pneumatic handle system, correct positioning synchronous shifting film, high balance.
three, employing intelligent temperature controller, temperature control is precise to ensure that the seal is beautiful and flat.
four, with a range of shutdown alarm purpose to reduce loss.
5. This device adopts computerized operation to full measurement, counting, bag producing, filling, sealing, day printing and other operations.

The equipment is a mixed sort, which is divided into a vibrating plate, a grating counting, a blanking part and a bag-creating packaging element the device is geared up with two vibrating plates as regular and a plurality of alternatives can be included to boost the diversification of the packaging merchandise.

Specification (With the merchandise measurement variety models) :

Measuring variety: identified in accordance to the true element.
Bag length (mm): forty-160mm
Bag width (mm): forty-100mm
Packaging style: Can be packaged in a single item, or several merchandise can be packaged in a bag at the identical time, can be freely combined
Generation capacity (bag / minute): 20-70
Total electricity (Watts): 1600KW
Gas usage: twenty L/Min .75Ma
Packaging material: According to the needs of the project, the specification bodyweight sometimes alterations
Dimensions (mm): The gauge bodyweight may vary based on the demands of the undertaking.
Can it be CZPT in accordance to solution requirements? Indeed

Which business products can the automatic packaging equipment be utilized for?
Scope of software: components components, toy accessories, doorway and window equipment, auto elements, electrical equipment, digital add-ons, household furniture components, Tv accessories, lavatory add-ons, kitchen accessories, personal computer chassis add-ons, earphone earphone add-ons, sports activities tools, interaction equipment, smart property decoration Components, monitoring obtain control hardware equipment, lights accessories, plastic goods, granular foods, pharmaceutical particles and so on.


Multi-Disc Chain Bucket Drag Box Automatic Counting Packaging Machine

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