Pineapple Whole Production Line Processing System

Pineapple Whole Production Line  Processing System

Description of Scorching Juice Filling Packaging Bottling Machine&colon 
 These sequence product Tribloc Rinser Filler Capper work harmoniously with chain plate conveyor belt&interval
The elevator gadget will tray the bottles throughout the filling&comma it will avoid the bottle fall & crash
It specially layout to fill juice beverage into plastic bottle & Glass bottle&comma the method chart is under&colon
Rinse the empty bottle with clear h2o —filling the juice beverage into bottle —-capping the stuffed bottles with caps&period of time
It integrates 3 capabilities in 1 machine&period of time
Rinser Station of juice filling bottling device&colon   
l        H2o spray design inject washing design&comma more save drinking water usage & a lot more clean
l        304 Stainless steel Gripper with plastic pad&comma make certain minimal bottle crash throughout washing
l        304 stainless steel washing pumps
Filling Station of juice filling bottling device&colon    
l        Gravity filling nozzle&comma straightforward & steadily
l        Filling quantity adjustable in fantastic rank&comma identical liquid amount after filling
l        All 316L stainless metal speak to elements & liquid tank&comma fantastic polish&comma no death corner&comma straightforward to clear
l        No bottle no filling
l        In-construct bottle tray system&comma steer clear of bottle crash
l        CIP clean aspect-way pipeline
Screw cap Capper of Juice filling bottling equipment&colon    
l        Spot & capping technique&comma electromagnetic capping heads&comma with load discharge operate&comma make positive bare minimum bottle crash throughout capping
l        All 304stainless steel building
l        No bottle no capping&comma
l        Automated quit when absence of bottle
l        Computerized caps arranging and feeding&comma absence of caps automated feeding
CZPT Component & Safe Unit & CZPT&colon  
l Touch Monitor Manage Panel&comma simple work
l When incident method automatic quit & alarm
l Emergency change when accident
l Famous Omron manufacturer sensor & other electric powered elements adopted&comma guarantee the total program heavy duty working
l All Food Quality 304 stainless metal rinsing pump & filling pump&comma trustworthy & sanitary
Machine Base & Machine CZPT&colon    
l Stainless metal design&comma fine which gives exceptional appearance and can be simply disinfected&time period
l Tempering glass window&comma obvious and steadily
l The suspending layout enables the upkeep to be performed simply due to less transferring components&period
l Excellent begin wheel design and style to producing it effortlessly when needs to change equipment top when bottles measurements are modified&interval
l Machine Base with procedure of polish & clean—a few levels Antirust Ache-colourful paint&comma ensure the  antirust
l All seal in which liquid may possibly Leakage & base neck appear with rubber&comma h2o proof
l Manual lubrication technique
CZPT Parameter of Juice bottling device&solproduction line&colon

Design&lparRFC-H&rpar fourteen-twelve-five 16-16-5 24-24-8 32-32-8 40-forty-ten fifty-50-15
washing&commafilling&commasealing&lparNo&period&rpar fourteen-12-five 16-sixteen-five 24-24-eight 32-32-eight 40-40-ten fifty-fifty-15
Production capacity&lparbottle&solhour&rpar &lpar500ml&rpar 3000-5000 5000-8000 8000-10&comma000 12&comma000 15000 18000-20000
Suitable bottle height &lparmm&rpar H&equals160-310 φ&equals50-a hundred and ten
Total Power &lparkw&rpar 2&period42 3&period12 3&period92 3&period92 5&period87 seven&period87
Overall dimension&lparL×W×H&rpar &lparmm&rpar 2360x1770x2700 2760x2060x2700 2800x2230x2700 3550x2650x2700 4700x3320x2700 5900x4150x2700
Weight &lparkg&rpar 3500 4000 4800 6800 8500 one thousand


Pineapple Whole Production Line  Processing System

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