Sand Coal Powder Conveying Machine Belt Conveyor

Sand Coal Powder Conveying Machine Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor transient overview 
B6X series belt conveyors paying much more interest to genuine needs of marketplaces and consumers compared with the standard belt conveyors, with equally its modular basic design and style and its revolutionary design and style of the headstock and tailstock able to promise the equipment large generate, substantial effectiveness and low expenses throughout operation, and B6X collection belt conveyors have aslo attained hassle-free set up, basic upkeep, vitality conservation and enviromental safety, as properly as the higher-stop manufacturing technologies, desirable look and high security, which can fulfill the needs for large standard transportation of all varieties of bulk components. So this kind of conveyors can act as the ideal and upgraded substitutes of the traditional belt conveyors.

Advantages of rubber belt conveyor
one.Modular universal design, simple to sustain and set up.
2.Optimized construction, outstanding good quality.
3.High-grade protection, higher security.
four.Lattice structure, very good bending resistance.

Purposes of belt conveyor
Belt conveyor commonly used in mining,gravel discipline, metallurgy, building supplies,chemical industry,mineral processing,coal mining and other industries.It can convey bulk substance like coal,cement,sand,cereal and many others.And can convey lump materials,these kinds of as rock,also it can express 50kg baggage.

Specs of rubber belt conveyor

Design Width(mm) Duration(m)/Power(kw) Velocity(m/s) Capability(t/h)
B6X400 400 ≤12/two.two 12~twenty /2.2~four 20~twenty five/three.five~7.five 1.25~two. 30~60
B6X500 five hundred ≤12/three 12~20/three~five.five 20~thirty/five.5~seven.five one.25~2. 40~eighty
B6X650 650 ≤12/four 12~twenty/4~5.five 20~30/five.five~11 one.25~2. eighty~120
B6X800 800 ≤10/four 10~fifteen/4~5.five 15~thirty/5.5~fifteen one.25~2. 120~200
B6X1000 1000 ≤10/five.5 10~twenty/5.5~11 20~40/eleven~22 1.25~two. 200~320
B6X1200 1200 ≤10/7.5 10~20/7.5~fifteen twenty~forty/15~thirty 1.twenty five~two. 290~480

Functioning principle of rubber belt conveyor
Rubber flat belt conveyor is a common indicates of transport used in mining enterprises. It utilizes the belt conveyance to draw and assist elements and transportation materials by way of the transferring belt. It utilizes the interior friction and facet strain of loose material to will increase the internal stress from the pulling force in its moving course produced by the rolling chamber in the adhesive chamber, as a result escalating the inside friction. When inclination falls inside specific scope, the inward friction power can guarantee the steadiness in between layers and generate ongoing movement. When the interior friction drive amongst the layers is larger than the external power of the adhesive, the roller beneath the adhesive will shift alongside with the materials. When the ratio of internal pressure and external pressure satisfies a condition, the materials flow is steady. 

Sand Coal Powder Conveying Machine Belt Conveyor

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